Merci ! Danke !
Grazie ! Thank you !

In 2022, LIVES presents the results of its first 12 years of research and participates in many activities to disseminate the results of these studies and thank its partners.

Participate in our events and celebrate with us the scientific advances and social contributions of LIVES researchers!



Announcement of LIVES Centre news board of directors

Publication of the scientific book « Withstanding Vulnerability Throughout Adult Life », edited by D. Spini & E. Widmer, gathering 60 authors

Infographics illustrating LIVES research results


LIVES human library – Borrow a researcher and listen to a story! (events and podcasts)

16 nov.

Public round-table « Évolution des politiques sociales et des pratiques professionnelles grâce à la recherche – Impact du Centre LIVES sur de réels parcours de vie »

17 - 18

International scientific conference