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LIVES Human Library

What if you could talk with a book?

The LIVES Research Centre invites you to meet its researchers and listen to their stories, based on their scientific studies. Lively stories about vulnerability and life courses.

The 16 stories are the subject of a series of podcasts in French and English (see right-hand column), published at a rate of 2 per week since mid-December 2022. 

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Cléolia Sabot
Une vie à cheval
Divorce seen by a teenager

Belinda Steffan
Disruptive divorce: gendered implications for later-life work and retirement outcomes
Divorce and its impacts in later-life


Catia Luperto
On s'était dit rendez-vous dans 30 ans
Professional paths

Ignacio Cabib
Lifetime friendship in political challenging times
Social science and political campaigns


Christina Györkös
Au cabinet de Gilda et Luc
Benevolence at work

Jean-Marie Le Goff
Comment se passe le quotidien d'une famille de Suisse romande pendant la pandémie ?
Family management

Margaret O'Neill
It's never too late for a new beginning
Retirement options and work history

Fiona Köster
What are the long-term effects of plant closures on workers careers and well-being?
The impact on workers career paths and wellbeing after they were displaced due to plant closures


Rocío Palomeque
Simone and Maxime
Divorce in later-life

Sabrina Roduit
Quand la Suisse externalise ses patients non assurés
Exclusion mechanisms in the medical field


Emmanuelle Anex
Social cohesion in Chavannes-près-Renens

Nicky Le Feuvre
Dilemma at 60
What are the impacts of encouraging older workers, especially women, to take early retirement?


Jakov Jandric
Organisational practices and the embodied expriences of work in later life: evidence from public transport drivers in four national contexts
The complex challenges bus and tram drivers face as they age

Oana Ciobanu
Comment se vit le transnationalisme?
Migrants' relationship to their country of origin


Karine Duplan
L'espace public est-il à tou·te·s·x ?
Heterosexism in public spaces

Dario Spini
Nous sommes ce que nous avons été
End of life

The stories address
the following themes

  • Migration
  • Separation, as seen by a teenager
  • Relationships and caring at work
  • Homophobia
  • The impact of the COVID pandemic on family organisation
  • The end of life
  • Professional trajectories influenced by other spheres of life