Working groups

The mission of the LIVES Centre's working groups is to develop, on the initiative of researchers, interdisciplinary collaborations in the field of life courses and/or vulnerability.

Several working groups are currently active within the LIVES Centre on the following themes: 

Would you like to propose a working group?

Any proposals for the creation of a working group can be submitted to Daniel Oesch ( or Clémentine Rossier ( by e-mail. 


The WGs follow a bottom-up logic. They comprise at least three senior researchers, members of the LIVES Centre, who wish to develop research on a given theme with an interdisciplinary focus. The members of each WP choose their own coordinator. In order for a WG to be recognised by LIVES and to benefit from financial support, it must be approved by the LIVES Centre management. Proposals can be made at any time. WGs can be renewed from year to year, and they can request external visibility on the LIVES Centre website. It is possible to be a member of more than one WG.


The WGs have an annual budget of up to CHF 5,000, basic funding that allows them to hire student assistants (including administrative help), organise colloquia or workshops (as far as possible open to the LIVES community), invite external colleagues, acquire databases, etc. For more substantial funding (in particular the preparation of an application), WGs may apply for additional financial support, in particular (but not exclusively) through the Calls for Seed Money organised by the LIVES Centre. WGs that have benefited from LIVES funding during a calendar year submit a one-page maximum activity report to the LIVES Centre management by 31 January of the following year. The Management shares these reports with the members of the LIVES Centre Bureaux.