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Health Lifestyles and Technology Use across the Early Life Course

07 Mar 2024

  • Lecturer : Stefanie Möllborn | Stockholm University
  • Title Technology and Digital Life Course


  • Déjeuner sociologique, Unimail 4020 12h30-14h

Use of mobile digital technologies has emerged as an important new health behavior among children and youth. Approaching technology use through health lifestyles theory and the life course perspective allows it to be embedded in an interconnected set of other health behaviors and undergirded by parent and child identities, social groups, and earlier experiences. Prof. Möllborn present a variety of results from our research team’s quantitative and qualitative studies of US children and young adults.

These findings examine the embeddedness of technology use with other health behaviors, life course influences on young adults’ technology use, how technology use fits into class-privileged parenting around health lifestyles, and ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic shaped technology use, parenting, and parent-teen conflict.

Stefanie Mollborn is Professor of Sociology at Stockholm University in Sweden. She is also affiliated with the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado Boulder in the USA

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