LIVES International Conference 2023

18 Juin 2023

Appel à contributions

The Swiss Centre of Expertise in Life Course Research LIVES calls for submissions for its annual conference at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, on 9-10 November 2023 on the topic:

The life course in turbulent times

As our society faces global crises in short succession in the 21st century, the interest for longitudinal studies has heightened. Cutting-edge data, methods and research are crucially needed to investigate the impact of crises and other adverse events on life course transitions and trajectories.

What role do material, motivational, cognitive and non-cognitive resources (such as resistance to stress) play in bolstering individuals’ resilience over time – and how do they interact with social inequalities? How do governments, markets and families reduce or increase the vulnerability of different social groups in the aftermath of crises?

The LIVES Centre looks for answers to these questions, and warmly welcomes submissions on other domains of life course research, such as childhood, youth, education, family, employment, gender, migration, health, old age or innovative longitudinal methods. We are interested in theoretically-based empirical research from disciplines such as sociology, demography, psychology, economics, political science, epidemiology or statistics.


Please submit your proposal – a short abstract of 100 words as well as an extended abstract of 500 words – through the conference submission form. The deadline for submissions is 18 June 2023. Authors will be informed about the decision by 30 June 2023.

Full information on LIVES international conference 2023 webpage