The Quality of Temporary Employment in Europe - Thesis by Ivan Canzio

On 4 September 2023, Ivan Leandro Canzio defended his thesis entitled "The Quality of Temporary Employment in Europe: an Assessment of the Individual and Institutional Determinants", under the supervision of Prof. Felix Bühlman and Prof. Jonas Masdonati. Ivan obtained her doctorate in social sciences from the University of Lausanne. Centre LIVES warmly congratulates her on this achievement!

This thesis investigates the individual and institutional determinants of job quality for temporary jobs in Europe. Through four studies, it explores how they might affect temporary workers' job satisfaction, wages, and well-being by analyzing survey data.

Four main conclusions can be drawn from this dissertation. First, the temporary workforce is deeply heterogeneous, especially regarding the reason why workers have a temporary job, which is associated with workers' job satisfaction. Second, the hiring and dismissal regulations for permanent and temporary workers seem to have no relationship with temporary workers' job satisfaction. Third, unions seem beneficial for temporary workers' well-being and wages, even if, in some cases, they are associated with greater inequalities between temporary and permanent workers. Lastly, perceiving that the chances of finding a job are high might sometimes help workers cope with job insecurity, but generally it does not isolate them from the negative impacts on wellbeing.