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Gender in research

Research has shown that the advancement of women in academia comes hand in hand with an increased awareness of the gender processes that underlie social life. It has been made clear that gender issues should be tackled at all levels of research activities and organisation, and thus, also in questions and methods of research. One of the aims of the LIVES Centre is therefore to ensure that the issue of gender is addressed in scientific activities and this is why it is integrated into all the modules of the Doctoral Programme.

Gender in research at the LIVES Centre

Each year, we organise conferences and workshops on these issues.

Our main partners are:


No events are planned these next few months. Find here all past events about gender and equality issues, organised by LIVES Equality Programme.

Gender inequalities

This video produced in 2018 tells the story of the life course of a woman in Switzerland. It shows the different steps which may lead from a worry-free childhood to vulnerability at old age. 

Misleading norms from LIVES on Vimeo.